Body work for musicians

A few years ago, starting my studies at the conservatory in Trondheim, I got pain in my arms from playing. Through school and musical colleagues I was introduced to Timani – a physical approach to playing an instrument. This was the first thing I had ever come across, that could give me relevant knowledge on how the body works, supporting exercises and ways to get the power I needed from it in order to play as I wanted to. 

Timani helped me overcome the pain, but more importantly, it became apparent to me that the quality of sound, time and musicianship had a direct link to how I used the body - and it became so much better. Read more about Timani here.

Photo: Ruben Olsen Lærk

Photo: Ruben Olsen Lærk

Performance enhancing techniques for musicians
Brainspotting and meditation

As musicians we're constantly faced with exposing situations where we have to perform, and do it well. I used to have stress around performance, and life in general. However, finding great resources like Brainspotting and meditation, I learned that it was possible to have a different experience of life. Now playing is the most fun thing I do!

Brainspotting is a therapeutic tool that efficiently and easily allows the nervous system and body to process old trauma. When coming to a session, a person may for instance have performance anxiety or a sense of limitation in an area that he or she wants to work with – or even a wish to expand more on something. Because I found it so helpful myself, I wanted to dive in deeper. I have taken phase 1, 2 and 3 of Brainspotting and I use it with colleagues or with whoever wants a session. More about it and how it works in the video below!

I've also learnt, and teach, a meditation technique called Ascension meditation (The Bright Path). It's simple techniques, that have no belief-system to them. People often times experience more flow, ease, peace and happiness by applying the practice. I use it a lot when traveling, playing and in all kinds of situations, as it's also an eyes open practice! I love to see that it's possible to actually live an active life, and experience flow and peace at the same time.


I offer

  • Personal coaching/Brainspotting-sessions

  • Weekend courses in Ascension meditation


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